The Renfields: Stalk and Slash Splatterama

by The Renfields

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Stalk and Slash Splatterama is an album full of firsts!

It was the first and only Renfields release that was recorded with help from outside the band. The release came together quickly in October/November of 2007 after I received an email from Jawn Campbell at Smartmouth Studios. Jawn had decided to run the one man operation out of his home in Morgantown and was recording local bands for free to get some practice.

The opportunity to record using something other than the Fostex MR-8/Microphone in the center of the room combo used on all prior Renfields albums was enough to inspire a weekend songwriting marathon for myself and Dr. Herbert III, which resulted in four new songs and a complete revamp of band favorite “The Last Man on Earth.”

The recording process only lasted two days with an additional session to lay down the backing vocals and samples. Jawn’s supportive attitude and willingness to stay up long hours mixing and fine tuning things, resulted in my favorite Renfields release to date! During the session, Jawn tried to persuade us to let him mix the album in stereo but we insisted on sticking with our lo-fi mono ethic.

The Burning was collectively the band’s favorite slasher film at that time and we decided that the ridiculously long intro was necessary, even for live shows -- despite what most critics, audience members, and sound guys had to say. I remember being on stage at Clarksburg’s Italian Heritage Fest while the intro played and watching some kid in the audience walk to the concession stand, buy a drink, and make it back to the stage before the intro was finished.

Stalk and Slash Pt. 1 was also the first album to feature keyboards and female vocals in full force, courtesy of an all new Jaymee Lee Renfield, who had literally joined the band, learned to play keys, and started singing only about a month before.

We commissioned longtime creative collaborator Jason Kisner from Killer Design to do the album artwork, which features Cropsy, Eric Slater, Michael Myers and Billy from Silent Night, Deadly Night, relaxing after a long day of 80’s style stalking and slashing.

Only 200 hand numbered copies of “Stalk and Slash” were made D.I.Y. style. Somewhere in the process we ran out of CD cases and in desperation started cannibalizing our own CDs, this included Dr. Herbert III’s brand new copy of Napalm Death’s “Smear Campaign,” the contents of which are still sitting in the Renfields old merch box... Thanks Doc!

--- Vincent Renfield, Jan. 2012


released December 31, 2008

recorded with Jawn Campbell at Smartmouth Studios in Morgantown

artwork via Jason Kisner @ Killer Design



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